Ear Loop Welding Machine

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This machine is used to weld ear loop on disposable face mask. It uses ultrasonic generator to do the welding to make the welding spot firm. Whole machine is equipped with PLC and touch screen with convenient operation, we can set welding speed, welding quantity, automatic alarm and automatic stop. It can match with manual type disposable face mask making machine.1.The whole machine is PLC control with touch screen which is stable and convenient, we can set welding speed, welding quantity, ear loop length, automatic alarm, automatic stop. 2. Ear loop welding by ultrasonic device to make the welding spot film and not easy to break off under strong force 3. Double spot welding, one mask just need 2 times welding to save time and labor 3. Ear loop grabbing is pneumatic control and it can grab double ear loop precisely at same time 4. Installed with guider to guide the ear loop and make it move smoothly 5. Ear loop length and thickness is adjustable to match with different size mask 6. It can match with manual mask making machine to form complete mask production line to produce face mask with ear loop, and 1 manual mask making machine at least need 4-5 ear loop welding machines.
Speed 30 pcs/min
Ear loop length 19-20cm
Ear loop thickness 2.5mm
Power 1kw(220V 60HZ 1 phase)
Dimension 850*440*1600mm
Weight 120kg
Video link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmkfcHiFedE

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