ZUB400-600 Three Side Sealing Center Sealing Bag Making Machine

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Application: This machine is suitable for making 3 side sealing and center sealing bag with material plastic-plastic, plastic-paper, paper-paper laminated. Feature: 1. Whole machine PLC control with touch screen which is convenient for operation 2. Unwind constant tension control, EPC device 3.  Three servo motor material dragging controlling system 4. Up-down sealing inverter motor control 5. PID for sealing bar temperature adjustment,automatic control, set by man-machine interface. 6. Pneumatic auto punching device, trim cutting and auto rewinding,static eliminator 7. Temperature adjustment: 0-300℃ 8. Quantity and batch is accumulated automatically, preset is available. 9. Operation method is by length fixation control or photocell tracking. 10. Punching can be set as continuous,interval or stop, punching time can be pre-set. 11. Material skip feeding: 1-6 times available 12. Batch conveying function available, the quantity of batch can be pre set. zhu (4) zhu (3) Specification:
Model ZUB400 ZUB500 ZUB600
Max material width 850mm 1050mm 1250mm
Max roll diameter 600mm 600mm 600mm
Bag making speed 150 piece/min 150 piece/min 150 piece/min
Max linear speed 35m/min 35m/min 35m/min
Total power 45KW 50KW 55KW
Weight 5000KG 5500KG 6000KG
Dimension 10500*1750*1870mm 10500*1850*1870mm 10500*1950*1870mm
Bag Sample: zhu (5) zhu (6)

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